Make Antwerp Great Again

Opstap naar een nieuwe Gouden Eeuw

samen met uw officiële stads-en museumgids

Wim Van Hauteghem

Are you visiting Bruges or Brussels without seeing the Baroque Capital of Belgium: Antwerpen?

You missed out Belgium's hidden gem, hometown of P.P. Rubens en Sir Anthony Van Dyck.


As official Antwerp city guide, I am excited to show you the most beautiful and surprising spots of Antwerp.

Our 500 year old Cathedral accomodates several iconic paintings of our top artists. Contemporary artist Jan Fabre meets Peter Paul Rubens and Quinten Metsijs. A must see!


The vivid fashion district with bearded hipsters on their bikes working on their Start-ups. Learn about them while playing the 'hipster bingo'.

And guys, are you curious about the red light district? Under my guidance it is culturally responsible.

Speaking of which, as a true Belgian, I love to drink a beer (or two) in our  vintage pubs and café's.

Need tips? I drink  Antwerp 'Bollekes'.


Take some time to visit our most elegant Lady: The Cathedral.

This gothic building is filled with baroque art.

Experience the unique atmosphere surrounded by art and religion.

The world's most iconic 'Descent from the cross' by P.P. Rubens is only yards away from the 'Elevation of the cross. 

Ever read the sad story of  'A dog of Flanders' by the English author Ouida?

In Japan the story of the young Nello and his dog Patrasche has been a  children's' classic for decades.

You can meet them here.

I worked out several tours, giving you a beautiful insight of Antwerp.

The highlights such as the Market and the stunning Town Hall, the medieval Vlaaykensgang, the castle overlooking the river Schelde.


Antwerp from the roof of the  museum MAS on the island is also worth the effort.

The perfect area for a trendy diner or cocktail.

Hundreds of names and historical data? No, it is not!

People who love dates and historical encyclopedia, I'm already going to disappoint. My trademark is a pleasant experience and sharing my passion for Antwerp and Antwerp's historical heritage with you. I studied on Antwerp arts and history for over four years, yet my mission statement is to give you a good time and spread my love for Antwerp

You can choose between different tailored walks.

Maximum 20 people per group.

The walks last between 1h30 and 2h00.

Languages: Dutch - English

tel: 0032 478 84 91 12 - mail: info@make-antwerp-great-again.be