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Things to eat, drink and sleep in Antwerp

If you come to Antwerp it may be difficult to choose between the hundreds of pubs and restaurants., the impressive musea en fashion district. Welcome in Flanders... a region where good living is a part of our DNA.


What follows is my very personal experience of eating and drinking. Visiting shops, streets, musea, ... in our beautiful city. 


Feel free to explore yourself, 


Grote Markt, City center 


Maurice&Dietrich: vintage food and drinks


My favourite vintage pub would be Maurice&Dietrich, Grote Markt 32 . Opposite of our City Hall on the corner. Ellen en Bina serve perfect drafted beer en good food.

In summer sitting on the terrace with a cocktail will give you a mesmerizing view on the town hall and statue of Brabo and Antigoon.


Den Engel, the most famous café of Antwerp


Den Engel is the café where you can enjoy a real Antwerp Bolleke or Seefbeer. A real mix of tourists and locals enjoying the city. Tip: take a look at the clocks. You can find Den Engel next to the Town Hall.

een rommelmarkt op de Lijnwaadmarkt in historisch Antwerpen achter de kathedraal
Café De Pelikaan Antwerpen
Café De Pelikaan Antwerpen
De Pelikaan Antwerpen
Café de Pelikaan een echte vintage café of pub in Antwerpen

De Handschoenmarkt, in front of the  Cathedral


Fishbar Noordzee/merdunord


This place offers the best streetfood when it comes to fish. After a few meals in Antwerp with Mussels, fries and steak, your stomach may be aching for some light food. Well, don't hesitate. It's delicious.




Ellen en Bina serve perfect beer in their vintage pub on the grote markt in antwerp belgian beer cafe
restaurant and café de valk voor lekker bier en eten good food and beer and drinks
Grote Markt Antwerpen
Bina en Ellen Maurice & Ditriech Antwerpen

De Lijnwaadmarkt, behind the cathedral


 Café De Pelikaan


Just walk around the cathedral and you will be surprised by a mediaval looking square: de Lijnwaadmarkt. Under the shadow of the trees go and drink a Bolleke in café De Pelikaan, Melkmarkt 14. This pitoresque little pub is the closest you will get to experience a real Belgian café. 


De Muze, Jazzcafe


Just across the street you will find the famous Jazzclub De Muze, Melkmarkt 15. Almost every night at 9 pm live bands will perform, often jamsessions, jazz and blues. Entrance is free. De muze is a real icon in Antwerp.


Cocktails at nine


 In the shade of the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal, right in the historic heart of Antwerp, you find a stylishly designed and cosy cocktail bar in a more than 200 year old building.


With a lot of passion the creative bartenders make wonderful cocktails with all fresh ingredients of the day.


For warm summer evenings there are two enclosed terraces and on a rainy autumn day the sofa in front of the open fire is the favourite place to sit.



Noordzee Antwerpen
Noordzee Antwerpen
Nello en Patrasche Antwerpen
Kathedraal Antwerpen
Kathedraal Antwerpen
Antwerp historical centre

Are you visiting Bruges or Brussels without seeing the Baroque Capital of Belgium: Antwerpen?

You missed out Belgium's hidden gem, hometown of P.P. Rubens en Sir Anthony Van Dyck.


As official Antwerp city guide, I am excited to show you the most beautiful and surprising spots of Antwerp.


Our 500 year old Cathedral accomodates several iconic paintings of our top artists. Contemporary artist Jan Fabre meets Peter Paul Rubens and Quinten Metsijs. A must see!


The vivid fashion district with bearded hipsters on their bikes working on their Start-ups. Learn about them while playing the 'hipster bingo'.


And guys, are you curious about the red light district? Under my guidance it is culturally responsible.


Speaking of which, as a true Belgian, I love to drink a beer (or two) in our  vintage pubs and café's.


Need tips? I drink  Antwerp 'Bollekes'.



Ontdek samen met ons onze prachtige stad aan de Schelde, net als de meer dan duizend deelnemers die het voorbije jaar met me mee door de Antwerpse stad dwaalden.

Een paar waren zo vriendelijk om volgende recensies achter te laten.

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