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E-kickscooter Tours for travelers

Guided kickscootertours

Start your visit in Antwerp with a guided E-kickscooter tour. 

A cool way to discover our city

Ideal for families with teenage kids +16

Antwerp Highlights tour on

Kickscooters are easy to ride and will bring you to the best spots of Antwerp.

Thanks to our electric kickscooters you can visit a broad variety of highlights  you can't reach on foot.

Your kids will love this! (+ 16 year) 


Saturdays you can join in @ 09:30am or 2pm*

We don't cruise on Sundays.

*Private tours on Saturdays for 450€

E-step tours in Antwerp
-steptours in Antwerp

Start and end:  Jezusstraat (Meir/Operaplein)
Distance: 17km - 10 miles

Tours   2h00 

Start: 09h30 - 14h00 (not on Sundays) 

Minimum 4 - Maximum 10 persons

Minimum age: 16 years

Not included

Wim - Nadine - Rick - Patrick - Wouter - Joeri - Wim S.

1 - 4 persons: 55eur per person (minimum 220eur)

5-10 persons: 50eur per person 

Sightseeing tour

E-steptours in Antwerp
Guided E-step tours in Antwerp
E-steptours in Antwerp

Visit the  Antwerp hotspots

Thanks to the E-steps you can cruise from het 'Eilandje' with the Zaha Hadid Porthouse in the North to the Diamond district in the south.

The 16 km (10miles) tour will bring you to the major highlights: 

 Operahouse, MAS, Steen, Scheldt, Richard Rogers Palace of Justice, Central Park, Central Station...

The kids will love it

Family friendly

Your kids will love it.

An experience you will remember

Cruising with E-kickscooters is
fun and easy.

Minimum age 16 years.

Maximum 70 years

Groups from 4 up to 12 people

Inquire for larger groups.

Save and easy

Segway Ninebot MAX30
Segway Ninebot MAX30
Top notch Segway Ninebot Kickscooters
Segway Ninebot MAX30
Segway Ninebot MAX30
Easy to ride and brake
Segway Ninebot MAX30
Segway Ninebot MAX30
Strong motor in the rear wheel for stability
Segway Ninebot MAX30
Segway Ninebot MAX30
Air tires for maximum comfort

Save and easy

We made a E-step friendly tour on safe and good bicyle paths.

We avoid the historic centre, which you can easily explore on foot, 

The E-steps are 'Segway Ninebot Max G 30'.  Top notch stable and easy to use for everyone.

Walking and bike tours

Walking and wooden bike tours

Next to the E-step tours you can book a beautifull walking tour with us. 

Our city-certified guides will be happy to show you the highlights of the historical centre.

Or discover antwerp on unique wooden Cocomat bikes

A perfect follow up on your E-step tour.

Guided walking tours in Antwerp

Full day Tesla experience 

Antwerp - Ghent - Bruges

Gent Grasmarkt

Combine the beauty of Antwerp, Ghent or Bruges in one day.

We offer a full day event with E-steps and a Tesla taxiservice.

We pick you up at your hotel and you can choose which two cities you want to visit: Ghent - Brugges or Antwerp.

A full day experience you will never forget.

Up to 4 people.